Food Systems Technician

The Food Services Technician role at Redefine Meat goes further than just achieving our production targets of delicious New-Meat. In keeping to our uncompromising standards, you’ll oversee the weighing, measuring, and mixing ingredients, as well as perform routine tests to guarantee product quality, labeling, freshness dating, and more. Additionally, by developing a clear knowledge and understanding of our factory, products, and machinery, you will ensure that equipment is always available for production, including making certain maintenance is dealt with at speed, and accuracy.

Main objectives and tasks:

  • Food Cartridge formulations production

  • Printing and running Steak formulations on our 3D printers

  • Running mechanical tests

  • Disassemble and cleaning of various printers & food production equipment

  • Troubleshooting simple malfunctions

  • Daily & weekly maintenance

Background and Requirements:

  • Practical Engineer degree (Food/Mechanics/Electrical)

  • At least three-years experience (advantage if in the food industry)

  • Technical background and proven skills

  • Team player

  • Full-time job

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