Senior Factory Design Engineer

Main objectives and tasks:

  • Leading and improving the development of all new and existing production processes, from design to commercial production.

  • Defining and examining new technologies.

  • Managing and establishing various projects in Israel and abroad.

  • Ensures that designs and layouts conform to specifications, code requirements, and food safety requirements.

  • Managing large-scale budgets.

  • Develop the contracting processes, tenders, negotiations, selection of contractors, supervisors, building permits, business licenses and more.

  • Provide industrial support to the Food Science, Culinary team, Science team and Marketing team members.

Background and Requirements:

  • BS degree, preferably in Chemical Engineering, Food Engineering, or a related field.

  • 10+ years of experience in process engineering preferably in food, plant-based food, cultured food area is desirable.

  • A collaborative approach and strong critical thinking capabilities.

  • Experience with working and developing new innovative food processes.

  • Demonstrated experience in scaling bench-scale processes.

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