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June 12, 2023

Fact or Fiction: Setting the Record Straight on Plant-Based Meat

Nadya Gurevich
Registered Dietitian

Whether you’re a hardcore carnivore, a flexitarian exploring new options, or a vegan in search of a little variety, there’s no denying plant-based meat is becoming a more ubiquitous part of the food landscape. Despite this growing popularity, numerous myths and misperceptions abound. In this blog, we’ll debunk some common misconceptions, so you can make informed decisions about what you eat.


Myth: I won’t get enough protein if I move from animal meat to plant-based meat.

Fact: Plant-based meat provides plenty of the essential proteins to meet your nutritional needs. 

Okay, let’s kick off with the protein issue. Popular opinion has it that animal protein is the most nutritious, and therefore, the best protein for the body.  However, from a nutritional standpoint, a combination of several sources of plant-based proteins, such as soy, peas, lentils, provide a quality protein that contains all the essential amino acids for optimal bodily function and wellbeing. 

Thanks to innovative processing techniques, manufacturers can now extract and isolate proteins more efficiently from plant sources. The result is plant-based meat and protein-rich products with higher protein content than before. 

When it comes to understanding the exact protein content of plant-based meat, that’s easy. Just consult nutritional values table! Keep in mind that, as with animal meats, protein content may differ across products.

plant based meat myths

Myth: Plant-based meat doesn’t come close to the texture of real meat.

Fact: The texture of Plant-based meat is quickly catching up with that of animal meats.

Plant-based meat manufacturers are developing innovative techniques and ingredient combos, to create plant-based meats whose resemblance to the texture and flavor of traditional animal-based meats is amazingly good, and in some cases, indistinguishable from traditional meat. 

The perception may be the result of the fact that, for many years, plant-based meat was limited to a small selection of mince products. Today, there is an ever-growing variety from new-meat sausages and kababs to pulled beef and striploin. It’s never been easier to find what’s most delicious in terms of mouthfeel and texture, without compromising on taste, or health.


Myth: Plant-based meat is intended primarily for vegans and vegetarians. 

Fact: Plant-based meat is for everyone – carnivores, flexitarians, and vegans too!

While plant-based meats are indeed a welcome option for vegans and vegetarians, we offer new-meat products that appeal to everyone. Health-conscious consumers looking to lower their fat or cholesterol intake. Eco-minded individuals chose plant-based meats since these require fewer resources than livestock. Ethical consumers are concerned about animal welfare. Flexitarians looking to vary their diet. And “reducetarians,” looking to, you guessed it, reduce (but not eliminate), their consumption of meat from animals. In other words, for anyone interested in exploring new and delicious food options that are delicious, nutritious, yet kind to animals and the planet – plant-based meats are an excellent option.

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Myth: The “meat” in plant-based meat products is 9/10 “beef”. 

Fact: Plant-based meats now cater for lovers of chicken, pork, lamb and more.


If you’ve tried any alternative meat product, chances are it was a beef burger! Early on, plant-based meat manufacturers focused on “beef” which seems a little strange considering pork and chicken are the most consumed meats around the world, with beef a close third. 

However, things are changing quickly as more manufacturers develop products that bring the flavors, textures, and appearance of chicken, pork, lamb, seafood, and more! That’s good news for foodies seeking a more culinary diverse experience featuring plant-based meat alternatives. 


Myth: Plant-based meats are only found in burger restaurants.

Fact: Plant-based meats are now found in bistros, chef restaurants, catering companies, butcher shops, and food marts.

Rewind a couple of years, and plant-based meat products were confined to fast food chains. With the introduction of Redefine Meat, leading chefs and restauranteurs began innovating with new-meat whole cuts, creating a plant-based version of their signature dishes.  Today, you can find plant-based meat options practically everywhere – from hotels and canteens, to bars, bistros, Mexican and Italian restaurants, and more!  

Producers and merchants are moving fast to make plant-based meat products – be those bratwurst sausages, lamb kababs, pulled pork, or flank steaks – available to everyone who wants to reduce their consumption of animal meat, without having to sacrifice the meat-eating experience altogether.  

Nadya Gurevich
Registered Dietitian
Nadya is a nutrition expert and a an integral part of Redefine Meat’s research and development team. She holds a B.Sc. in biotechnology and food engineering from the Technion, Israel’s Institute of Technology, and a B.Sc. in Nutrition Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Nadya is also an avid photographer and nature lover, and enjoys running and traveling.