What we do

great meat,
without compromise

At Redefine Meat™ we don’t just love meat; we’re obsessed with it.
We study it to the finest detail in order to understand every aspect of each meaty bite. We believe the world deserves better meat, New-Meat.
Meat that is delicious, good for the environment, and kind to animals.
The same great meat you know and love, simply better.

Redefine Your Menu
Collaborating with Top Chefs
Top chefs were introduced to New-Meat™️. They created amazing dishes. See what they had to say about their New-Meat™️ experience.
Chef Marco Pierre White
"Its the most clever thing I've ever seen in my 45 years at being in a kitchen."
Chef Joachim Gerner
"When you touch it and taste it, it feels like a real steak."
Chef Shahaf Shabtay
“When I tasted New-Meat, I was speechless - from the taste, the texture.”
Chef Ron Blaauw
“When we give to people a classic dish but with Redefine Meat, they don’t ask what’s in it - that’s the best compliment”