What we do

great meat,
without compromise

At Redefine Meat™ we don’t just love meat; we’re obsessed with it.
We study it to the finest detail in order to understand every aspect of each meaty bite. We believe the world deserves better meat, New-Meat.
Meat that is delicious, good for the environment, and kinder to animals.
The same great meat you know and love, simply better.

The Meat You Love,
Any Way You Slice It

From juicy steak to a smokey brisket, or even a rich burger, we offer every cut of meat just like the cow. Our technology allows for the creation of any type of meat you could ask for, to suit any type of cooking, and satisfy any appetite. Every Redefine Meat product is developed along with the world’s most respected butchers, meat experts, and chefs. This ensures you enjoy the same culinary experience that you’ll find at the best restaurant anywhere in the world.


All Redefine Meat products are made from plant-based ingredients, and are free from GMOs, antibiotics, cholesterol, and animal-based products.

Prepared with sizzling
Science and Innovation

We understand that meat isn’t like any other food – it’s the most complex culinary product we eat and crafted by evolution over millions of years. That’s why we employ a range of technological elements in our creation processes, from material science to artificial intelligence, and 3D printing.

Our Recipes
Any Meat Imaginable,

With so many cuts and varieties, all with unmistakably meaty flavor and texture, the possibilities for new and exciting culinary creations are endless. Let your creativity run wild and show us what you’ve got!