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December 12, 2023

Don’t Give Up Meat, Redefine It

Nadya Gurevich
Registered Dietitian

A Meat Lovers Survival Guide On their Journey to Veganism

Veganuary is the ideal time to consider trying a vegan lifestyle. But, what does that entail if you’re a meat lover? In this article, we explore the gamut of challenges, and offer some suggestions, to make the journey less bumpy, and more palatable.

As a devoted meat lover, deciding to transition to a plant-based lifestyle may seem daunting. Your head says “This is good for me and good for the planet”, while your heart and tastebuds are screaming: “What?! Say goodbye to eating Rib-Eye!”. 

At Redefine Meat, it’s a struggle we know well. We’ve walked that very path and come out the other side stronger!  The good news is that transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle doesn’t mean bidding farewell to the meat-eating experience. Instead, it’s an opportunity to redefine it.


Redefine shawarma in lafa with tahini and chips

Exploring the challenges

Let’s start by glimpsing into what might be going through your head as you contemplate ditching meat:


1 – Nostalgia for the good ‘ol days

A mini tidal wave of nostalgia for the familiar taste and texture of those favorite childhood dishes. The comforting aroma of a sizzling burger on the grill or the joy of sinking your teeth into a perfectly cooked steak might feel like cherished memories that are now up for reconsideration.


2 – F.O.M.O

Thoughts about missing out on BBQs with friends, family gatherings centered around meat-heavy dishes, and the fear of being the odd one out at social events where everyone else is enjoying their carnivorous delights could be looming large. 


3 – The Meat Munchies

Cravings… if they haven’t happened yet, they will. The allure of meat cravings can be irresistible. The seductive succulence of a juicy steak, the perfect char on a burger, or the distinctive umami of shawarma. It’s enough to make anyone’s mouth water!  How strong is your will in the face of such temptation?




4 – Identity Shift

Shifting from being the guy who loves a good BBQ to the guy who opts for plant-based alternatives might initially feel like a significant change in self-perception or a loss of personal identity.



5 – Navigating Practicalities

Sooner or later, everyday life is gonna raise some questions. Like, what about restaurant options? And what about the convenience of finding quick, satisfying meals that fit into this new lifestyle? And, who’s cooking tonight?


6 – The Challenge of Replicating the Meat Experience

You might find yourself wondering if plant-based alternatives can truly capture the experience of sinking your teeth into a juicy, flavorful burger or savoring the tenderness of a perfectly cooked steak. Will the textures and flavors truly measure up?


If this resonates with you, you may be having second thoughts about your decision. But, be strong, and let us put your mind at rest. With Redefine Meat, you don’t have to relinquish your love of meat to embrace your new identity as a conscious consumer. And, here’s why…



Eating an amazing vegan dish

Redefine Meat lets you be a meat lover advocating for a more sustainable and ethical world thanks to our new-meat products that deliver the familiar taste and texture you crave, in a 100% plant-based offering. You can cook the meat-centric meals you love, while still being kind to animals, and consuming less meat from animals.



You can get the protein and nutrients your body is used to getting from animal meat, minus the cholesterol. And, you can participate fully in social gatherings – from Thanksgiving to BBQ Sundays.  We think we’ve checked most boxes. In other words, to butcher the well-known idiom…


New meat tacos with greens

You can have your steak and eat it!

As co-founder and CEO of Redefine Meat, Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, explains: “I love meat, but didn’t want to eat animal meat anymore. That’s why I created the company.” Among all the plant-based meat companies out there, we pride ourselves on being meat experts.


We study the world of meat down to its finest details and create new meat products with all the tastes, textures, seasonings, and appeal of animal meats.  With one major difference, all our new meat products are made with 100% plant-based ingredients.  We don’t stop at mince, we’re working to replace the entire cow!


So, this Veganuary, we offer you this comforting thought: Don’t Give Up Meat, Redefine It.


Redefine Meat refreshing salad

Feeling hungry? Let’s get practical

A good place to start your Vegan journey this Veganuary is by taking a trip to your local supermarket or grocery store and checking out Redefine Meat’s ever-growing portfolio of products.


  • Don’t want to give up on Lamb curry or Shepherd’s pie, try our Lamb Kofta mince. 
  • Want to fit right in on barbeque night, put our mouthwatering beef burgers or plump pork-flavored sausages onto the grill and watch them sizzle!
  • Craving a Deli-style sandwich, add our plump Bratwurst pork-flavored sausages with some mustard, pickles, and sauerkraut. 
  • Fancy a Thai stir fry? Pop some pulled beef into a wok with some vegetables and it’s delicious Asian cooking in minutes. 
  • Steak and Ale pie tickle your fancy? (100% vegan, 100% delicious). Here’s a traditional recipe using our pulled beef for the filling.

In fact, with Redefine Meat, there are so many meaty (yet vegan-friendly) dishes you can cook up quickly. So it’s like you never gave up anything.


Enjoy Veganuary and good luck on your move to a plant-based lifestyle. We’re here to make your journey satisfying on every level. And, remember, if those meat cravings appear, search for your nearest Redefine Meat™ stockist using our location finder.

Nadya Gurevich
Registered Dietitian
Nadya is a nutrition expert and a an integral part of Redefine Meat’s research and development team. She holds a B.Sc. in biotechnology and food engineering from the Technion, Israel’s Institute of Technology, and a B.Sc. in Nutrition Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Nadya is also an avid photographer and nature lover, and enjoys running and traveling.