Vegan Dinner Ideas

Zohar Sessler
R&D Chef

Whether you’re a full-time vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, or a full-blown meat lover who’s trying to cut down, we’ve got a collection of vegan dinner ideas to inspire you. It shouldn’t be a challenge to cook balanced, nutritious meals that are also vegan. Here are our plant-based dinner ideas for any occasion that will turn you into an at-home vegan chef.


Family Vegan Dinner Ideas

We’re kicking things off with vegan dinner options that are perfect for families. Families are notoriously hard to feed because kids are often fussy, their taste buds less sophisticated than adults, and with so many different mouths to feed at once, there’s lots of differing preferences to cater for. How do you please everyone and keep things delicious, nutritious and plant-based? Well, you could try… 


Tagliatelle Alla Bolognese

Nothing says family dinner like a classic pasta dish, right? Tagliatelle Alla Bolognese is the epitome of comfort food and a firm family favorite. Although traditionally made with beef mince, a bolognese sauce can easily be made plant-based with New-Meat™/ Redefine Beef Mince and maintain all of its authentic flavor. With Tagliatelle Alla Bolognese you’ve got a hearty meal that will satisfy the bellies of adults and kids alike.

Vegan Tagliatelle Alla Bolognese dish

California Sunshine Burgers

You can’t go far wrong with burgers when thinking of vegan dinner ideas for family. They’re truly minimal effort, a great way to sneak vegetables into kids’ diets, and a total crowd pleaser. When everyone in the family likes different things, why not eliminate the stress and let everyone pick their own burger fillings? Grab some Redefine Premium Burgers and healthy rye burger buns, whip up some cheddar sauce and an avocado lemon spread, and then let everyone build their own burger. How can anybody complain that way?

Vegan Burgers meal

New-Meat™ Burritos 

Sticking with the DIY theme, burritos are a great family vegan dinner idea not least because of the nutrition you can stuff inside, but also because you can fill them with whatever suits each member of the family. This plant-based recipe has a delectable combination of Redefine Beef Mince, onion and garlic, protein-rich black beans, and an array of aromatic spices to give it a vibrant depth. 

Vegan Burrito dish

Romantic Vegan Dinner Ideas 

It’s time for some date night vegan dinner ideas that bring the romance on top of the flavor. Be inspired with two different Redefine Beef Flank recipes. 


Beef Flank in Red Wine Sauce

Does anything sing romantic more than beef and red wine? What if that beef and red wine was vegan and kinder to the environment? Now we’re talking. Red wine is synonymous with romance because it has an effect on our senses, helping us to let go of inhibitions and relax.  Throw in some caramelized onions and you’ve got yourself a true sensual experience in a recipe.

Vegan beef flank in red wine sauce dish

Flank Steak with Mushrooms

If red wine sauce is a bit rich for your liking, a woodier mushroom dish could do the trick instead. Sophisticated and deeply umami, the rich savory flavors of this dish are perfect for a romantic night in. And everybody knows that red wine and red meat dishes are a perfect match, so you can still get those wine glasses out and a bottle of red flowing throughout the night.

Summer Vegan Dinner Ideas

When the heat is amped up and you don’t want the same hearty, warming recipes of winter, it can feel overwhelming to know how to keep things substantial while appealing to our desire for lighter meals. The key is filling, protein-packed salads or dishes with fresh, summery toppings. 


Beef Flank Salad

Summer is the perfect time for salads, when the sun comes out, our appetites lighten and we don’t feel like slaving over the stove. Nothing beats a summer salad with crisp, bitter leaves, a brightening, zesty vinaigrette, crunchy vegetables and a tender protein to bring everything together into a balanced, nutritious meal. 

Redefine Beef Flank salad hits all of those notes and more. Think a tangy and sweet peach vinaigrette, a mix of bitter leaves like arugula and endive, satisfyingly crunchy radishes, and the savory touch of Redefine Beef flank to complete the dish. 

Whether it’s a summer barbecue in the garden, a picnic in the park, or a quick dinner on a hot day, this salad is a guaranteed crowd pleaser that might be light enough to enjoy in the heat but certainly not light on flavor. It packs a flavor punch but could not be simpler to throw together.

Vegan beef flank salad dish

Kebab Flatbreads

Transport yourself to a luscious Greek night with these kebab flatbreads with zingy sumac onions, charred tomatoes and vibrant tahini-yogurt. If ever a meal can take you on a journey to a balmy European summer night, this is it. It’s fresh, substantial, and perfect for summer anywhere.

Vegan kebabs dish

Quick Vegan Dinner Ideas

Often, you just don’t have the time to invest in a complicated recipe. It’s easy for cooking to feel like more effort than it’s worth – you spend hours preparing the food, only for it to be devoured in a matter of minutes. Alternatively, you can opt for quick dinner ideas that don’t compromise on flavor. They’re just as delicious but they don’t eat hours out of your day. 


Hummus with New-Meat™  

Hummus is one of those surprisingly low effort but high reward dishes. If you fancy a meal that you can whip up quickly and enjoy in a hurry, you can’t go wrong here. Throw all of the ingredients into a food processor and voila. Then, perhaps the best part – saute some onions and Redefine Beef Mince with baharat and pine nuts to top the hummus and take it from a tasty snack to a mouth-watering meal. It’s quick, simple, and perfect to batch cook at the start of the week for a quick vegan dinner whenever you’re short on time.

Vegan Hummus with meat dish

Beef Flank Brochettes

For a quick vegan dinner, make skewers your friend. You can quickly cook just about anything on a skewer and chargrilling them will bring automatic, fuss-free flavor. These beef flank brochettes (brochettes are what skewers of meat are called in French-speaking African countries) are made with Redefine Beef Flanks and onions that are browned on the grill and accompanied with a rich and spicy green tahini sauce. Sounds impressive, right? Luckily, impressive doesn’t have to mean complicated – and these are incredibly simple and quick to prepare. 

Vegan brochettes meal

Beef Flank with Mashed Potatoes

Picture the scene: it’s a cozy Sunday at home, you’re relaxing before the work week begins, and you’re enjoying a delicious combination of tender beef flank and silky mashed potatoes drizzled with sweet brown sauce. It sounds like the perfect Sunday, and you can recreate it with this tasty recipe.

Vegan flank on mashed potatoes dish

Sausage Shakshuka

If Sunday is more of a paired back day in your home and preparing beef and mashed potatoes is too fancy, why not try a green shakshuka with sausages? Sausages, runny eggs and some bread to dip are brought together against a backdrop of spinach and basil shakshuka cream and hot sauce. If our piquant green shakshuka with sausages has piqued your interest, check out the recipe here.

Vegan sausage shakshuka meal


What can I eat for dinner as a vegan?

You can eat so many things for dinner as a vegan. Our collection of vegan dinner ideas above will give you all of the inspiration you need – from tagliatelle alla bolognese to burritos. 


What are good plant-based meals for dinner?

Great plant-based meals for dinner include Redefine Beef Flank with mashed potatoes, Redefine Kebab flatbreads, or burgers.


What can I cook for a vegan family dinner?

The perfect vegan family dinner recipes include tagliatelle alla bolognese, plant-based burgers, and burritos. 

Zohar Sessler
R&D Chef
Zohar is the R&D Chef at Redefine Meat, where she leads all culinary aspects of product development together with our scientists and food engineers. She’s a pastry chef that holds a B.Sc. in Biochemistry and Food Science. When she’s not in the kitchen, she can be usually be found doing ceramic art.