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September 19, 2022

Meet the Meat Expert

Mor Yahav
Meat Scientist

Most people are not familiar with the ‘meat science’ world. The truth is, meat is one of the most complex basics we use for food and it takes years to have a deep understanding and to truly master the science of meat.

As a company that puts all of its effort into understanding every little detail of traditional meat, our New-Meat™ products are developed alongside meat experts and scientists to lead us towards our goal of creating an exceptional culinary experience without compromise.

In this article, we’ve asked our meat expert, Mor Yahav a few questions that can help shed some light on the meat science field.


meat expert at Redefine Meat

Meat Expert as a Profession 

Q: Most people don’t know “meat expert” is a bona fide profession. How do you become one? 


A: From a young age, I knew I wanted to be a chef. Food fascinated me, especially the way it animates people. After my army service I enrolled in the Tadmor Culinary School which fueled my fascination with food. Still, I felt I needed a deeper understanding, so I enrolled at Hebrew University for a B.Sc. in biochemistry and food science. At first, it was difficult to see how this related to food. My studies were all about molecules and compounds. But soon the penny dropped. Understanding food reactions, how aroma is formed or why dough rises also gave me a boost as a cook. The deeper I went, the deeper I fell in love. During my undergraduate studies, I began working at a butcher’s shop to learn more about meat. I also began to become interested in the growing Food Tech industry in Israel, and a mentor encouraged me to apply to a research facility focusing on meat quality. My master’s degree allowed me to develop an expertise in meat science. So, yes, working as the in-house meat scientist at a plant-based food tech company is truly a dream come true.


What Do Meat Experts Do? 

Q: Can you tell us about your day-to-day work at Redefine Meat? 


A: As Redefine Meat’s in-house meat expert, my job is to answer questions, provide guidance, and share the science of meat with employees across every discipline, from R&D to marketing. It’s my responsibility to deepen every employee’s appreciation and understanding of traditional meat. I get to talk a lot about muscle fibers, types of fat, different cuts, and cattle breeds. It’s all part of getting to the heart of a simple but complex question: what makes meat so uniquely delicious, and how can we replicate this food phenomenon using plant-based ingredients.  


My second major project, in collaboration with my colleagues in the innovation team, including a data scientist, is to create the largest “Meat Library” in the world – a giant database about traditional meat. Working in-house as well as with world-class academic institutions, we collect large amounts of data, conduct experiments, and massive-scale research to collect, study and improve the knowledge we have about meat on an ongoing basis. This knowledge base will enable us to continuously improve New-Meat and fulfill our vision of making it available to anyone, anywhere. 

New-Meat dishes

Plant-based Company for Meat Scientists 

Q: There are many other exciting food tech companies. Why choose Redefine Meat?


A: From the moment I got the call from Daniel (Dikovsky, Head of Technology and Innovation at Redefine Meat) I understood Redefine Meat is a meat company, not a “meat-alternative” company. The real seriousness about livestock meat, about the structure of meat,  and the way the brand spoke about “New Meat” not “meat alternatives”, made me realize this place “gets” it.  And this is critical to encouraging a change towards plant-based diets.

 I’m also excited about the strong emphasis on research, and its pace. Almost every day I see a new development that excites me and drives me forward. On a personal note, I get to continue my studies in meat, and pass on the knowledge to others. There is nothing else I’d rather be doing

meat specialist

Tips for Becoming a Meat Expert 

Q: What would you tell someone looking to become a meat expert?


A:Food tech needs more meat scientists, and the demand is sure to grow with time. If there are readers looking to get into the field, you should know there are many routes in. The key, as with anything in life, is to be curious, creative, and determined. In my experience, becoming a meat scientist is about creating your own path, working hard, and following your passion. After all, who knows where this may lead – it might even land you in a team that’s using this knowledge to make the world a better place.



What is a meat expert?

Meat expert is a profession. Meat experts study meat, its composition, the different chemical interactions that take place before and during cooking, and much more.


What does a meat expert do?

The job of a meat expert largely varies with the type of company they work for. At Redefine Meat, it’s part of a project to create a Meat Library, the largest collection of knowledge about meat available anywhere. 


How many years does it take to become a meat scientist?

The path varies widely but it takes several years, since it requires both a solid basis in biology/chemistry and food science, along with “practical” experience. 


What is the role of a meat scientist? 

A meat scientist is in charge of studying meat and its properties, conducting experiments and collecting data. He or she also answers questions, provides guidance and makes sure that more people broaden their knowledge about meat.


Why is meat science important? 

As the world population approaches 8 billion, we need to find better, more sustainable ways of feeding humans. The appetite for beef and other meat products continues to grow, even though the traditional livestock industry is responsible for a great deal of the land use (for grazing, but also, to grow grain for cattle feed,) water use and CO2 emissions that are endangering the planet. The more we understand about meat, the more we can work towards better, kinder ways of producing the ingredients that will feed the next generation.

Mor Yahav
Meat Scientist
Mor is a meat scientist at Redefine Meat, where he’s part of the Technology and Innovation Group. He holds a B.Sc. in Biochemistry and Food Science, and a M.Sc. in Animal Science, and when he’s not working as the in-house expert on animal meat, he’s hosting friends for cookouts or working on his hobby as a giant puppeteer.