April 19, 2023

Foodservice at the forefront of Earth Day

Creative ideas to increase sustainability and drive awareness (and sales)


We have come a long way since the first time that Earth Day was celebrated over 50 years ago. Today, Earth Day mobilizes millions of people in more than 190 countries and plays a hugely important role in generating awareness and action around sustainability.

World leaders have committed to cutting Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by 30% in 2030, and one of the easiest ways to reach this goal is by reducing (or eliminating) the consumption of animal meat. This would bring additional environmental benefits, including significant savings in resources such as land and fresh water. 

For example, if each family in the OECD replaced one meal of beef per month with Redefine Meat (3.3 million tons per year) it would free up land equivalent to twice the size of Portugal, and more than the drinking water of India and China combined. If each family did the same once a week, it would free up an area 5 times the size of Spain, and save ALL the world’s drinking water, as well as reduce GHG emissions equivalent to removing 86 million cars from circulation. *


Each year, the foodservice industry marks Earth Day in different ways: going plastic-free for a week or taking on initiatives for reducing waste and increasing composting and recycling. Earth Day also represents a great opportunity for foodservice environments to try more sustainable options on their menus and get feedback from existing customers, as well as drive new customers to their business.

Restaurants, caterers, and other leaders in foodservice industry are also trendsetters, with of them taking bold steps to cut their carbon emissions and even reach carbon neutrality in the next few years – and encouraging others to do the same.

food service ideas for earth day

LoKal Burger in Tel Aviv Marks Earth Day in Innovative Ways   

Since the launch of new-meat**, there are even more ways to do this in an impactful and creative way. One example is LoKal Burger, a cool burger place in Tel Aviv.

This year, in honor of Earth Day, they will replace the beef in their dishes with new-meat, offering four delicious and sustainable dishes to satisfy any craving.

Besides making their signature Smash Burger with Redefine Meat, LoKal Burger will also add three new-meat specials:

        Redefine Pulled served on a bun.

        Philly Cheesesteak made with Redefine Beef Flank

        Spicy jalapeño stuffed with Redefine Sausage and cheddar cheese.


Best of all, customers will have a say as to what their future menu will look like. A wall in the restaurant will be turned into a “voting station” where diners can help the restaurant choose one of the options and make it a permanent part of Lokal’s burger menu.

creative food idea for earth day

How can new-meat make Earth Day work for YOU?

Restaurants, caterers, hotels and other outlets in foodservice are trendsetters by definition. Earth Day is yet another opportunity to set the right example and help bring about positive change.

        Specials: many restaurants add a daily/weekly/monthly special around Earth Day – and this can be the perfect opportunity to test a new dish or offer a new-meat version of one made with traditional meat. And because Redefine Meat caters to flexitarians – and not just customers who are already choosing plant-based options – this has a direct impact on beef consumption. LoKal burger is doing this with their popular burger patties, but also adding special dishes made with new-meat.

        Promotion: It’s crucial to let your customers (and potential customers!) about the sustainability advantages of plant-based dishes, including new-meat. From special menus to posters and tabletop tent cards, and from online banners to posts on your Instagram, Facebook or TikTok accounts, it’s a great time to tell the world.

        Setting a new path: Just like Valentine’s should not be the only day in the year in which relationships are acknowledged and celebrated, the true value of Earth Day lies on the ability to implement a more sustainable outlook year long. Cutting down on waste, reducing or eliminating single-use containers and particularly, experimenting with delicious new-meat dishes in every season is part of the long-term commitment of your restaurant to a more sustainable, and delicious, future.  

New-meat allows you to add variety and meaty deliciousness to your menu, and it’s good for the environment and kind to animals. Make sure you are telling the world!  


For more information on Redefine Meat and the environment, including our new-meat impact calculator, visit www.redefinemeat.com/environment

*Based on publicly available info and initial LCA by Redefine Meat.

** Does not contain animal-based ingredients.