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About The Position

Job Title:


General Description:

At Redefine Meat, we love meat. Really, really love meat.

We believe that the world deserves New-Meat™, plant-based meat, that’s not only good for the environment but is also kind to animals. Having studied animal meat’s unique components, and perfected cutting-edge technologies, Redefine Meat provides a wide range of high-quality products that are just as delicious as the meat you already know and love. New-Meat™ delivers an uncompromised and extraordinary culinary experience with its taste, texture, and aroma.

We also know that we will reach the unreachable with a great team of passionate, courageous, and curious people.

We’re as passionate about people as we are about food!



Your challenge

  • Ensure a tidy and safe working environment
  • Operate one or more of the production (print or shapes) and/or packaging lines
  • Coordinate the tasks on your line together with production employees
  • Monitor the process by checking for correct quality of the product specifications and carry out various quality checks
  • Fix small malfunctions
  • Execute first line maintenance
  • Take care of the prescribed cleaning work on the machine and working environment, so that hygiene is guaranteed 

What you'll need

  • Completed technical, MBO education or have a demonstrable MBO working & thinking level 
  • Experience in the food industry is an advantage
  • Knowledge of HACCP
  • Have an affinity with technology 
  • Firmly in your shoes and know how to set priorities 
  • Communicative (NL and/or English) in word and writing 
  • Goal-oriented, flexible and a team player
  • High level of standards for yourself & to address your colleagues on food safety & safety first 
  • Like a good atmosphere and you are collegial
  • Involved, always looking for improvement potential on the lines
  • Eager to learn and understand the importance of Lean and continuous improvement 
  • Preferably master the Dutch and English language, but at least one of them
  • Preferably have experience as an operator on the line
  • Like to work with the most modern techniques and tools

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