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  • We are looking for a Food Technologist Team Lead for our Innovation department. The position is temporary as a replacement for maternity leave with an option to continue in a different position in our R&D department. The innovation department will include a combination of projects designed to sustain the growth of our core products and may also include expanding into new categories and long-term projects.

  • Responsible for managing all food and raw materials innovation projects

  • Support the R&D team in attaining short-term and long-term development goals. Adapt to evolving scientific priorities

  • Conduct research on various new ingredients (sourcing and testing)

  • Generate new product ideas and recipes, modify and improve existing recipes, develop prototypes

  • Ensure strict hygiene and food safety standards

  • Generating ingredient statements and nutritional information

  • You will lead efforts to improve the end-to-end customer experiences.

  • Create and structure processes and procedures to ensure Redefine Meat will provide a consistently positive experience for all customers.

  • You will work with cross-functional teams to work through customer issues and communicate with external and internal teams, providing direction and oversight to the team members and ensuring customer and business needs will meet.

  • Supervise order-processing activities to ensure that customer product orders are filled accurately and on time.

  • Optimize customer lifecycle by liaising with marketing and product management teams to strategize outbound campaigns to improve customer engagement.

  • Collaborates with Sales, Product Management, and Operations in facilitating the forecasting for new product launches, expansions, and matured products.

  • Produces and analyzes statistical reports specific to customer satisfaction and forecasting/planning.

  • Instruct and train an external team of Customer Service Representatives.

  • Support the preparation of monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial statements

  • Assist in the preparation of annual tax reports

  • Participation in the month-end closing process.

  • Analyse balances/expenses

  • Monthly budget Vs. Actual

  • Cashflow management

  • Monitoring accounting in accordance with US-GAAP

  • Provide professional guidance and assistance for the bookkeeping staff

  • Supports the controller in all accounting-related activities

  • Assist with Ad-Hoc tasks and projects

  • This is a temporary position, but it can become permanent.

  • Plan and execute the partner go-to-market strategy.

  • Develop joint marketing plans with partners.

  • Execute B2B marketing activities in collaboration with the sales team.

  • Manage the ongoing budget for partner activities (local market).

  • Develop sales enablement materials, tools, and localized assets to accelerate Redefine Meat's indirect sales cycle.

  • Create sales kits for partners to enable and accelerate their sales cycles.

  • Identify opportunities and challenges among partners and providing a response.

  • Introduce Redefine Meat product launches to partners.

  • Create partner training tracks and events to teach partners about the product and how to sell.

  • Coordinate with suppliers and administrate orders, invoices, and procurement.

  • Execution of R&D projects and experiments according to defined plans and protocols.

  • Analysis of experimental results, data, and preparation of summary reports.

  • Work in a multidisciplinary environment.

  • Support the production of a variety of advanced food formulations.

  • Research and development of new processes and products with new materials.

  • Develop and execute work programs aimed at achieving company goals under tight development milestones.

  • Responsible for the final products in terms of quality and costs.

  • Willing to be involved in hands-on work.

  • Continuously seek out best practices, develop team skills and provide technical leadership in product and process development, quality systems, and regulatory oversight.

  • Work according to the factory procedures and responsibility for this among the department employees in accordance with the quality, safety, food safety and environmental (EHS) procedures

  • Responsibility for creating a safe work environment and implementing a policy for maintaining product quality and safety.

  • Initiating the promotion of improvements in the department's activities and providing optimization proposals.

  • Educating and training a skilled staff, including training new employees.

  • Handling exceptional events, identifying the source of the exception, performing corrective actions, and monitoring their implementation.

  • The work is in two shifts.

  • Establishing and localization of company and product brand.

  • Educate internal and external stakeholders about our products - building training plans for sales and distribution partners in Europe and articulating our product & technology values.

  • Partner with cross-functional teams to support all projects related to (but not limited to) website development, direct response efforts, branding campaigns, content marketing, creative projects, offline media, traditional media, retail support, and social media marketing projects.

  • Capture, document, and work with management to prioritize projects between departments and provide status updates weekly.

  • Ensure projects stay on timelines and meet deadlines.

  • Provide support to the marketing team across projects.

  • A unique opportunity to join a dynamic start-up environment with outstanding products and a visionary management team.

  • A dynamic environment that guarantees a steep learning curve.

  • Fun and energetic professional team.

  • Very good development opportunities in a rapidly growing company.

  • Opportunities to influence and initiate strategic changes in the business.

  • Develop and maintain strategic relationships with HoReCa/Foodservice customers. Serve as the point of contact for RDM accounts and provide on-site support to distributors.

  • Independently develop and execute visit plans.

  • Conduct training programs (HoReCa/Foodservice).

  • Plan and implement in-account brand activations in close collaboration with distributors and internal stakeholders.

  • Ensure RDM brand quality standards at all times.

  • Clear communication of relevant information and market insights to internal stakeholders and distributors.

  • Planning, organizing and participating in (HoReCa/Foodservice) trade shows.

  • Sales planning for the respective responsible territory.

  • Allocation of set budgets (if applicable).

  • Work location: flexible/within territory.

  • Type of position: full-time / permanent

  • Manage all aspects of the company’s R&D projects, in tight communication with the marketing department

  • Accountable for meeting the project goals in a timely and high-quality manner through close work with various professional group/team managers (Hardware, Software, Food, System/Application, Operations, Procurement, Product/Marketing, Quality Assurance, Customer Success, and more)

  • Create both high-level and fine-detailed work plans including milestones, gates, risks and mitigations

  • Prioritize with managers and team-leaders the resources (HR and HW) between all activities, both during planning and during plan updates

  • Closely follow-up and maintain the project work plans, on a weekly (and when necessary daily) basis, and routinely report on the projects’ progress and challenges

  • Reports to VP R&D

  • Leading and improving the development of all new and existing production processes, from design to commercial production.

  • Defining and examining new technologies.

  • Managing and establishing various projects in Israel and abroad.

  • Ensures that designs and layouts conform to specifications, code requirements, and food safety requirements.

  • Managing large-scale budgets.

  • Develop the contracting processes, tenders, negotiations, selection of contractors, supervisors, building permits, business licenses and more.

  • Provide industrial support to the Food Science, Culinary team, Science team and Marketing team members.

  • Develop and execute strategies to drive business in new and existing markets

  • Experience of taking Brands into market and growing market share

  • Able to self-serve and work under tight deadline and pressure

  • Experience in working closely with Marketing and creating relevant activation and market plans with customers

  • Deliver online and offline demos/culinary support to reach & penetrate the business growth with a selling approach.

  • Supporting our channel communication by creating and delivering winning Chef recipes/solutions to solve problems.

  • Responsible for Producing/ (digital) content/killer recipes according to the marketing calendar and strategies.

  • Develop content and conduct physical and virtual culinary training for sales & Biz Dev aligned with the identified business strategies (innovations, trends, and market needs).

  • Being an influencer in the Chef community on social media by building a network/organizing content and activities that would help grow the external network.

  • As a culinary business lead, you are responsible for giving Culinary support for innovations/ benchmarks/product development for one or multiple product categories.

  • Collaborate with Business Development, Marketing, and Digital to identify, develop and validate new business opportunities that arise from market needs, kitchen trends, and FS market developments

  • Running mechanical tests

  • Printing and running formulation testing

  • Disassemble and cleaning of various printers

  • Troubleshooting malfunctions

  • Print lab maintenance and order.

  • Performing service in the initial stages of field installations

  • Food Cartridge formulations production

  • Printing and running Steak formulations on our 3D printers

  • Running mechanical tests

  • Disassemble and cleaning of various printers & food production equipment

  • Troubleshooting simple malfunctions

  • Daily & weekly maintenance

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