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• Redefine Meat’s plant-based flank steak – endorsed by leading chefs and meat experts across Europe for achieving the taste and texture of high-quality animal- based meat – was served to 180 high-profile attendees from the World Economic Forum in Davos by world-leading caterer, Maison van den Boer
Endorsed by high- end chefs for its comparability to high-quality animal meat, Redefine Meat’s premium-quality plant-based ‘new-meat’ is now available to retail consumers in the UK and Netherlands for the first time.
New-meat arrives in Belgium, hitting the menus of Antwerp-based ‘Telavivian’ restaurant, Boker Tov
Veganuary: Redefine Meat increases the accessibility of ‘new-meat’ with the world’s most diverse plant-based portfolio in over 650 restaurants and online retailers
As Europe’s leading distributor of exclusive high-end meats, and restauranteur, Giraudi Meats will add Redefine Meat’s premium-quality New-Meat range to its portfolio.
Five new products added to the company’s New-Meat portfolio include Redefine Tenderloin and Redefine Striploin premium cuts as well, as an entirely new category of Pulled Meat (beef, lamb and pork).
Following the breakout success of Redefine Meat’s New-Meat Beef and Lamb portfolio, the company expands into the European pork market for the first time.
Plant-based meat manufacturer and distributor, MeEat, will serve as Redefine Meat’s Finnish representative, using premium-quality New-Meat to take plant-based meat into the restaurant sector for the first time
Collaboration represents one of the largest and most ambitious plant-based sustainability initiatives with Redefine Meat and any hospitality chain to date. Menus to feature Redefine Meat’s New-Meat, which offers a level of product quality comparable to premium animal meat
Redefine Meat’s ‘New-Meat’ products to be featured in Selfridges in-store restaurants: The Brass Rail and Harry Gordon’s Bar & Kitchen.
Company brings to market what was previously considered technologically impossible: commercial-scale whole cuts of plant-based meat, achieving a level of quality endorsed by leading chefs for the menus of Michelin-star restaurants
Edwin Bark and Adrian Sagman’s transition from traditional food to New-Meat bolsters Redefine Meat’s plans to become a market leader. Bark to lead Redefine Meat’s EMEA business; Sagman to drive global sales development .
Alt-Meat Innovator Redefine Meat Announces Appointment of Digital Printing Leader Alon Bar-Shany as Executive Chairman