Frequently Asked Questions

Redefine Meat™ is a technological leader in the food-tech revolution that seeks to replace the meat industry’s outdated and resource-intensive production processes with advanced technologies and sustainable ingredients. Founded in 2018, Redefine Meat™ has developed a patent-pending industrial-grade 3D printing process for food that replicates the texture, flavor, and eating experience of beef and other high-value meat products without the use of animals or animal products. Redefine Meat™ alt-meat is 95% more sustainable, significantly healthier, and costs less than beef.

Redefine Meat™ products are made from sustainable, highly nutritious, plant based and commonly available ingredients such as plant-based proteins, fats, and natural colors and flavors. When combined together using our patented technology, they create a tasty alt-meat indistinguishable from animal meat.

Yes, all Redefine Meat™ products are 100% animal-free and do not use any ingredients from animals. Redefine Meat™ believes that everyone can and should enjoy our alternative meat. Although our products appeal primarily to meat-eaters who are actively looking to reduce their meat intake, many vegans also enjoy our meat products.

We are always looking for talented, motivated people who want to provide a healthy, tasty, sustainable, and cruelty-free alternative to meat. If you would like to become part of our team, please send your CV to, and we will contact you if we have a relevant position available. You can also view open jobs on our website.

“Alt-” is a shortened form of alternative and is often used to describe a non-traditional version of something. “Alt-meat” is made from plants or through cultured, lab-grown animal cells instead of traditional farmed and slaughtered animals. “Alt-Steak” is a trademark of Redefine Meat™ and is the world’s only alternative, animal-free meat product that cooks, tastes, and feels like real beefsteak(!).

3D printing, also called additive manufacturing, refers to a vast array of different technologies that place successive drops of material on a surface to create a physical object from a digital blueprint. 3D printing is already used to create artificial limbs, airplane and auto parts, footwear, and more. Each printed layer is like a cross-section of the item and can be made from one or more materials. 3D printed meat is a food product made using a 3D printing process that uses proteins and other materials to produce meat. Redefine Meat™ has developed a patented, industrial-size 3D printer that creates meat cuts such as beef, pork, and lamb, layer-by-layer, by printing three materials made from plant-based ingredients: Redefine Meat™ Alt-MuscleTM, Alt-FatTM, and Alt-BloodTM formulations. When the 3D printing process is finished, Redefine Meat™ products look, taste, and feel like the muscle, fat, and blood of a typical cut of meat—without slaughtering cows or other animals.

Redefine Meat™ aims to solve one of humanity’s biggest challenges: the need to provide animal meat for the world’s growing population. While creating solutions for home-based 3D meat printing is technically possible, we prefer to focus on where we can most greatly benefit humanity and its sustainability efforts. Developing our alt-meat products and scaling them for worldwide consumption will have a massive impact in the coming decade. Redefine Meat™ has a pipeline of innovation to create and distribute many kinds of 3D-printed meat products to every retailer and restaurant worldwide.

We believe that alternative-meat production can provide lower-cost, animal-friendly, and more sustainable nutritional protein sources for humanity. Raising animals, particularly cows, is very inefficient and environmentally unsustainable for feeding the world’s growing population. We recognize that many people love eating meat and will continue to eat it even if it’s environmentally unsustainable. Redefine Meat™ believes that animal meat consumption can be better reduced by providing people with excellent eating alternatives rather than educational efforts.

Redefine Meat™ was founded out of a love of meat and a passion for our planet. We love the experience of cooking and eating meat but have compassion for animals and are concerned about the welfare of the earth and our children. We looked for a way to continue enjoying eating meat without harming animals or using highly polluting industrial livestock production. Leveraging Israel’s innovation culture in digital printing, additive manufacturing, and food technology, Redefine Meat™ is uniquely positioned to transform the conventional meat and food industries. To learn more, see the article by our CEO Eshchar Ben-Shitrit at

3D printing is a proven technology for disrupting and revolutionizing manufacturing processes due to its precision, flexibility, and ability to eliminate supply chain inefficiencies. Until now, alternative meat has replicated ground beef or similar products that have a uniform consistency. 3D printing uniquely enables the production of exact geometries that can duplicate the muscle and fat structures found in cuts of meat intrinsic to the pleasurable sensations of meat-eating. 3D printing also offers the flexibility to print different shapes, sizes, or combinations of “fat” and “muscle” without retooling or resetting the machines. This flexibility is not possible with mold-based or other industrial production processes. Localized alt-meat production with 3D meat printers could also dramatically reduce the transportation costs associated with meat distribution. To learn more, see the article by Daniel Dikovsky, our Head of Technology and Innovation, at

Yes, they are dramatically better in all aspects: land use, water use, GHG output, and more. Raising animals to produce meat includes a huge waste factor attributed to the inefficiency of converting animal feed into food. Raising cows is the most inefficient of all animal meat production, with each kilogram of meat requiring more than 25 kilograms of feed and 20,000 liters of water. Producing alt-meat directly from plants is proven to be 95% more efficient.

Redefine Meat™ products are made from high-quality protein, are nutritionally balanced, have less saturated fat than beef, and contain no cholesterol. They also have much more fiber than meat. Overall, it has been proven that reducing the amount of meat intake and replacing it with alt-meat is not only better for the planet but also human health.

Our products are certified Kosher (Pareve) by the Migdal Haemek rabbinate.

Currently Redefine Meat products are available in selected restaurants, food services, and hotels in London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Israel.

We are constantly expanding the availability of our products so it is recommended to check our website for updates